Consumer Trends

Sensory Appeal

Sensory AppealTo please today’s overly-stimulated consumers, you must appeal to their senses — all of them. Customers want more from each and every dining experience. They want all five of their senses enveloped in the moment, and they expect those moments to be more intense and rewarding than before. Sight, smell, sound, feeling and taste are all important considerations to make with regard to the sensory appeal trend and how it affects your restaurant and your profits.

Signs of the sensory appeal trend include more seasonal choices, such as different foods, wines and pairings. Since guests increasingly desire more stimulation to make a moment pleasing and memorable, more restaurants are bringing the kitchen into the dining space. They are incorporating the “sizzle” factor into their cooking routines, using a lot of burners, grills and revolving griddles so they can cook everything from pancakes to burgers and eggs to bacon.

As sensory appeal grips pastime hubs, even ballparks are getting in on the game by becoming more upscale. They are adding roasting stations, fresh seafood, vegan choices and celebrity-chef-inspired dishes to their fanfare menus. The sensory appeal trend does not stop in the middle of the plate either. Consumers want smaller-sized portions of appetizers and desserts, but they still expect those choices to be packed with flavor.

Atmosphere, colors, aroma, texture and taste impact the sensory appeal of meals. Sounds, sights, smells, feelings and palates make up a total dining experience. Each of the five senses plays an important part in your customer’s decision to dine at your establishment again. Manitowoc Foodservice can help you ensure your menu offerings stimulate all your customers’ senses, enhancing their dining experiences and having them and their dollars returning for more.

Delfield refrigeration keeps foods fresh and tantalizing while displaying them vibrantly, enhancing your customer’s experience from first sight. Convotherm by Cleveland offers a disappearing door to tempt your guests with great views and wonderful scents of fresh, delighting dishes. Lincoln conveyors treat guests to toasted and crisp foods with theater-style displays.

More Manitowoc Foodservice equipment that will keep you ahead of the sensory appeal trend includes Garland induction cooking technologies. With this line, you are able to quickly bring tempting aromas to your guests through portable units for tableside cooking. Manitowoc Foodservice does not cut sensory appeal short when it comes to beverages either. Servend FLAV’R PIC and Manitowoc Ice enhance the beverage experience by offering your customers 16 different flavor choices and eight shot options.

With Manitowoc Foodservice equipment, operators are able to meet customers’ demands and treat them to memorable dining experiences that satisfy all of their senses.