Custom Kitchen Design

High Performance KitchenThrough the seamless integration of operator need and equipment application, the Manitowoc Foodservice High Performance Kitchen Group combines the disciplines of industrial engineering with culinary sciences to create holistic kitchens with optimized work flow, energy and labor savings, more comfortable work spaces, exceptional food, thrilled customers, and maximized profits.

Each High Performance Kitchen project begins with a diagnostic analysis of menus, traffic, and production processes. Time and motion studies measure speed of service. Product temperatures are tracked. And from there, Manitowoc Foodservice engineers create solutions, utilizing either existing equipment platforms or modified versions, to eliminate bottlenecks, speed cooking times, and make the operation more people friendly. After trials in the lab and a full-scale model, the client team and Manitowoc make adjustments and then the final prototype is ready for field testing. The work on these custom kitchen solutions often leads to common platforms used to bring value to the broader industry.

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“We worked with a family-dining chain whose kitchen concept was more than 35 years old. Speed of service was slow and production was complex because its menu had changed over the years, but its kitchen hadn’t. By analyzing the operation, we updated the holding equipment while repurposing some of its existing equipment. Speed of service increased by 50 percent, quality was enhanced, and the solution was flexible enough to fit multiple store configurations.”
—Howard Kosel, VP, Manitowoc Foodservice,
High Performance Kitchens Initiative

High Performance Kitchen